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Dr. R. D. Charbonneau A.Ph.D.

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Hello to all,

This may be lengthy, so I hope I don't lose anyone in my first post. As the title suggests, I am a physicist; astrophysicist to be more specific. To be straight forward and aligned with our Indiana Codes, I want to specify that my title has been recognized by judges in our county, so the "A" means autodidactic. There are some universities willing to credit me with an honorary degree as soon as I finish the body of work, but till then some of our local judges have taken some mercy on me and allowed me to use the title because they feel I deserve it and have been cheated from it by our space agency. So yes, it is correct to address me by that title. In here I'll do as I normally do elsewhere and sign off as "Dr. C." I come to this board with a plan for us all to survive.

I am no expert on the Mayans or their calendar by any means. I'm a fellow who started with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering; an aircraft designer who served in the US Army during the Vietnam Era as an aircraft mechanic. Over the last 38 years I've studied gravitational physics, relativity and the stars on my own and in 1999 I submitted a proposal to NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Program that included a theorem about the interior of a star, specifically Sol (our sun.) The theory postulated that stars, especially like ours, have a second semi-solid to solid layer that provides a temperature interface between the hotter deep core and the outer "convection" layer and the photosphere we see as the sun's disk. This layer is responsible for the generation of sun-spots per my theory and this was confirmed by Project SOHO by 2005 when NASA Channel aired a broadcast depicting this layer and how it produced sun spots. I was right and after NASA pretty much blew me off concerning the recognition about the layer, I demanded it. The theory has much more that also relates to this planet, other planets, moons, etcetera.

The layer must be composed of Supercooled Helium (4&3) and ice. This provides a means for the outer heavy water in the convection zone to be converted to Tritium as fuel for the inner core. It has other purposes in a star as well, but I'll relate this to our planet in a minute. First I want to express some thoughts about the Mayan prediction and ask some questions for those who may already know their answers.

I know practically nothing about the Mayans or their philosophy behind this prediction. I don't know if I truly believe in the date 2012 because I do not know how they arrived at it. If it was through Fionacci math routines, based on greenhouse gases and how these affect the planet's mechanical system, I'd buy that more readily than spiritual reasoning. I would not rule out the possibility of time travelers from the future whom they might see as a "god." The questions I'd be asking are imbedded in those statements. In that I'm saying I believe much of why we need to prepare is because of planetary physics, but I'm not ruling out the Mayan prediction either. I do believe we are on our way to a water world regardless of ancient predictions and now I'll get back to why.

The layer I described in the sun has a term for its process. That is "adiabatic" from the Greek word means to stop or impede. All celestial bodies (and we are a celestial bnody) have to be balanced or they quickly fly apart. The Earth is balanced enough to even support life as we know it. Unlike stars, a planet must only provide a means to isolate its deepest core from its vocanic layers. If it doesn't, the body will not rotate uniformly enough to support life. Our planet must have a similar layer to a star, but more cylinder shaped, so it acts like a layer that keeps the iron core from disintegrating. Ice at temperatures like liquid Helium is actually stronger than steel, but if it goes above a delicate balancing temperature, it will expand very rapidly and very violently.

I have not seen but the trailer to the movie 2012, but others have told me some other parts about it. I plan to watch it soon, but I'll go into more detail in my next